Uberskillz’s investment opportunity proves popular

Technology, as a core influencer of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), is an undeniable factor for business to offer their services digitally in the future.

This is the era in which technology and innovation meet to stimulate both local and global economies.

UberSkillz is a pair of award winning innovative super-apps which enable local businesses to connect to local customers through GPS powered phone apps called SkillzTrader (business owners) and SkillzFinder (customers seeking local products and services.)

“Since the inception of the SkillzFinder and SkillzTrader super-apps, we have noticed significant growth in the demand for these business networks. During December 2020 we saw 10 000+ app downloads of the SkillzFinder App, pushing the total amount of potential buyers  to over 50 000, and a further 1000+ new business subscriptions on the SkillzTrader platform.

The decision to offer short- and long-term investment opportunities in the UberSkillz apps following the large volume of requests since the launch of this opportunity in November 2020, has already seen 60% of the capital required taken up by investors”, says CEO, Corne Kooiman.

In the SMME sector, the demand for easier, faster, more reliable, safer and more affordable access-to-market as well as better efficacy in connecting with potential clients, is an ongoing quest for most businesses. The SkillzTrader and SkillzFinder mobile Super Apps offer an innovative one-of-a-kind, API driven smart phone solution to advertise skill sets, services and products on all popular social media platforms without the need for an understanding of this technology. “In a similar way that the public connects with taxi services through smartphone apps, our super-apps connect customers with thousands of different service providers”, says Kooiman. 

The SkillzTrader app caters for any business or entrepreneur to publish and to advertise their services or products by subscribing to the service, at an affordable annual fee.

A unique feature of the apps is the live GPS functionality which targets consumers in the direct vicinity of the SkillzTrader. This innovative technology makes SkillzTrader a local live business directory. 

For the SkillzTrader to be found by potential customers, Uberskillz offers a free SkillzFinder app, which locates thousands of businesses in the immediate environment of the SkillzFinder. SELECT AND CONNECT. This meets the goal of connecting users with businesses from any smart device, conveniently, at their location, at the touch of a button. SuperFast, SuperSmart and SuperSafe.

The app technology includes a rating function as an indicators of service provider performance as well as boost function for better visibility.

Both super-apps received the 2020 App of the Year Award during from the Livewire Prestige Awards as well as the 2020 Most Innovative App Award during the New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards.

An intensive social media campaign since October of last year resulted in subscription targets being met. The aggressive marketing campaign will continue well into 2021, while finding a corporate partner is high on the agenda.

From a market consisting of 2,2 million small, medium and micro businesses, the goal is to increase the SkillzFinder user count to 250 000 and to reach 50 000+ SkillzTrader businesses subscriptions by the end of the year.

Uberskillz have proven excellent customer demand, confirming that the  UberSkillz business offers good growth and investment opportunities. 

To become an investment partner in this excellent opportunity, visit  https://bit.ly/Uberskillz_Investment for confidential enquiries.  

To enquiry about job opportunities, visit https://www.skillztrader.com/webroot/agents

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