The Reverse Action Plan

So you’ve got an amazing goal that you’re striving for and you’ve coupled it with the burning desire we discussed in the previous post in this series.

Now what? How do you keep yourself on track and remember what it is that you have to do next?

Introducing: The Reverse Action Plan

This nifty one-pager can change the way you work toward your goals. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that can help you plan, track and achieve your goals.

It helps you keep track of important activities, allows you to see where you are on the route to your goal and schedules in rewards for the small victories so you can stay motivated on your journey.

Setting Up Your Reverse Action Plan

You can go about this one of two ways: either get your craft on and draw it on a page, or new school it and plot it out on MS Word or

Either way it is super simple and doesn’t require much of your time.

I’m going to use a basic example of starting a YouTube Channel and launching your first video.

Before You Begin

Rushing in and getting straight to the meat does seem like the best place to start, but often leads to frustration and floundering very quickly. Especially if a goal is truly worthy.

When you take on a worthy goal, ie. a goal that makes you fly, a goal that makes you cry, it’s a good idea to break it down.

Take a pen and some paper and try to outline the different steps, or targets, that will make up your goal.

This way you can see the individual do-able steps, guestimate a timeframe for each and simplify the challenge of taking on your goal.

Breaking it down will also help you to keep track, come back and review when you go off course, and help you remain inspired as you tick off the targets on the way to reaching your goal.

Setting Up Your Reverse Action Plan

Now that you have your goal broken down, lets setup your action plan:

I know this looks overwhelming at first glance, but it is really simple to understand and implement.

  1. Starting at the top you will add your title that serves as a reminder of the goal you are working toward. In this example it is “Launch a YouTube Channel”
  • Next, you will start a column for each of the targets you have broken your goal into. In the example there are 4, but you have as many as your goal requires. As you can see in the example, the targets go up almost like steps from the left side to the right side of the page. This is intentional as the 10X activities (see nr 3) can carry over from one target to the next.
  • In the first block of the first column, outline the 10 X activities you need to perform in order to accomplish Target 1. 10X activities are the activities that move the needle of your goal. They include things that actually progress you forward, not just things that keep you busy. Be very specific about these activities and try to keep them under 5 for each target to avoid getting overwhelmed.
  • Now that you have the 10X activities established, guestimate a timeframe reaching each target would take you. The reason I say guestimate and not ‘set’ is that life can get in the way, and we often over-estimate how long something will take. This is a section you can edit as you go but try to use this as an accountability measure for yourself.
  • From column 2 onward you will see an added section called CARRY OVER ACTIVITIES. These are the 10X activities that you will have to keep doing in order to reach your next target, or your ultimate goal. Keep track of these and review them as you go to make sure that you are not spinning your wheels, but actually moving forward. Drop those activities that do not bring you progress.
  • Underneath each column you will notice the REWARD block. This is an added motivation for you to keep going. When you begin each new target, decide what it is that you really want or need. Set that as a reward for reaching the target. As silly as it feels to celebrate something seemingly insignificant, it is so important to do because it reinforces the fact that you are actually accomplishing something.

As Simple As That

The reverse action plan isn’t rocket science, but it can go a long way in helping you reach your goals. I suggest that you make a few copies of it. Keep them in your journal, put them up on your wall, and anywhere else where you can see it daily.

When it comes to achieving goals keep in mind that where focus goes energy flows. Spend your time on those things that will really progress you toward your goal. Busyness activities may make you feel like you’re doing a lot, but ultimately will cause frustration. Do not give energy to activities that can lead you to give up on your goal.

That’s it for now. If you have found this post valuable, please like and share, also comment below with your favourite takeaways. We would love to hear from you!

Until next time,

The SkillzTrader Team

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